I decided to write this journal to amuse myself.  You may ask, why not just watch a movie or go for a walk.  Clearly you are not demented.

Since I don’t always remember the details and all the fun I have been subjected to, I want to write down much of it, some of it anyway, in a way that will amuse me and keep me busy.  Most of what is here is irrelevant, irreverent and immaterial in any real way.  But when one is demented, who cares?

Sherry-RobRobert and I, with Sam and in an ancillary way, The Cat, live in Park City Utah.  A lovely city except for the period between closing the ski lifts in mid-April and the grey month between losing the autumn colors and the advent of snow.  So we love living here…every day is gorgeous is some way.  I am grateful.  I want to write about that delight and surprise.  When the first tulip shows up and the last daisy goes under the snow, it is wonderful.  Being from Southern California, we delight in the wild life that moves freely across our path, like the moose, deer, even an occasional fox.

We love being with friends, trying out new food and wine and of course, we love to leave home and explore some new place or some old and comfortable place.

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